There is a true modernity only rooted in tradition. It is with this philosophy that we modernize our production while respecting the know-how of our ancestors. This results in organic viticulture, although not certified, respectful of the environment and especially of our “Terroirs”.

Treatments are mainly limited to sulfur and copper for powdery mildew and mildew. We do not use any herbicide and we favor plowing. The inputs are made through organic compost. The picking is entirely manual and the grapes are sorted in the vines. All that is put in the buckets must be of a very high quality.

The vinification is also part of this philosophy. The harvest is 100% destemed. After a cool maceration during 4 days, we let the vats starting the fermentation without adding yeast or enzyme.

The vinification will last about twenty days. During this time we perform very rare “pigeages” but we favor pumping over. We try not to influence the temperature except if it exceeds 32-33 ° C.

Once the wine is pressed it will age in oak barrels for a period of 8 to 18 months. The barrels we select come from two coopers; Damy and Cadus. We also select three different origins of oak (Tronçais, Fontainebleau and Châtillonais) as well as two different burning. The regional appellations will remain in barrels about 8 to 9 months when the village appellations and Premier Cru will age during 12 to 18 months.

The aging finished, all our appellations are bottled by gravity without fining or filtration.

Our production, which is around 35,000 bottles a year, will be sold at 75% to export. The remaining 25% are sold directly at the domain.